With my sixth interview behind me and no more on the horizon, I declare this post to be the first (and likely only) Cura Te Ipsum Medical School Interview Superlative Awards.

Category 1: Interview Experiences

The award for most exhausting tour goes to: The University of Pittsburgh for their epic hill that I walked up and down four times over the course of the interview day (in heels!) It was the only interview where the (male) tour guide asked if I had comfortable shoes before the tour even started.

The award for snazziest admissions office goes to: The University of Virginia for their ultra modern waiting area featuring soothing bird sounds, bowl of chocolates and wind chimes on the door. Everything a nervous student needs to feel like they are possibly applying to a spa.

Best interview meal also goes to The University of Virginia for the Garden Room, where the dessert menu featured everything from blueberry tart to snickers cheesecake.

Category 2: Hospitals

The award flashiest hospital goes to: The University of Chicago for their children’s hospital. Highlights included color-changing lights in the elevators, monster statues in the hallway, and an elaborate ball maze in the waiting room. If nothing else, the sick kids (and possibly stressed-out medical students) will be too distracted to realize they’re miserable.

The award for cutest hospital goes to: Chicago Medical School (Rosalind Franklin University) for their tour of the neighboring VA. Standing in one spot on the second floor one could see the neurology, cardiology, gastroentrology, optometry, podiatry, psychiatry and family medicine wings.

The award for most pride in their hospital goes to: New York University for Bellevue, which I was told at least eight times was the oldest hospital in the city. It also boasts the first ambulance (which was a horse and carriage ensemble) and had so many multicultural patients that there was a translator phone in every room.

I would like to thank all of the institutions for their hospitality. I hope that if any somehow run across this entry and are able identify me that they have a decent sense of humor and believe that I thoroughly enjoyed every interview experience I have had thus far.