Here is a funny video our director sent out to us. It was made by a postbac student from another program and I think it pretty accurately depicts my life as of right now.

The current stats are as follows:

I have been invited to a total of seven interviews.

I have interviewed at six of those schools.

I have been told by one school that they do not yet know if they would like to interview me.

I have heard back from four of the schools where I have interviewed. Two are acceptances. One is “continued,” which means that they will continue to discuss me as the admissions cycle moves along. One school has me on their wait list.

My top choice is the school that continued me, which means I am in limbo for the next several months. It’s an active limbo; I can send them any information to help make my case, but that is a mixed blessing as I had planned to continue my glide year doing what I have been doing thus far. I have a slight plan of attack, but it may come down to the wire.

I sent off my last thank you letter today. It is possible that I may hear from other schools for interviews, but I am a bit worn out by the process by now. One of my acceptances was at one of my top choices, so I can afford to be selective from now on.

Which leads me to my final point in which hold @$#% I got into medical school? I got into TWO medical schools! I got into two GOOD medical schools! I. Am. Going. To. Be. A. DOCTOR!

So yes, I am waiting. And yes, I still don’t know exactly where I’m going to be come September. But I do know that I am going to medical school and right now that’s enough.