I have begun the next step of the medical school application process: interview invites.

Here is what happens every time I get invited for an interview.

First I gasp. Then I cheer out loud. Anyone nearby gives me a strange look. Then I call my mom and excitedly tell her that I’ve been invited for an interview.

Following the celebration, I go to the school’s website and try to see when I can arrange to have the interview. I realize that whatever day I could pick to have the interview on will be extremely inconvenient in one way or another. I start to calculate the cost of traveling, of taking time off of work, of negotiating a place to stay. I panic.

I call my mom again. I tell her I am panicking and explain everything that is wrong with the entire medical school interview process. She reminds me that in the scheme of things, it will be worth it.

I hang up. I sign up for a date, email people about a place to stay, tell my boss which days I need off and book flight reservations.

Two days later I am eagerly checking my email in hope of finding another invitation waiting for me.

I have not actually attended a single interview yet, but I am already exhausted. Forget medical school, just applying is going to burn me out.