I checked my MCAT score with a friend from undergrad holding my hand mentally through the phone. She listened gamely but confused as I started shouting scores into the receiver.

“Is…is that a good thing?” she asked, warily.

I didn’t have the focus to explain what the scores actually meant. The final proclamation that I would never have to take that exam again was easy to interpret though. We cheered for approximately thirty seconds before I begged off to report the scores to my family.

Even in my relief, though, the actual meaning of the score didn’t hit me until I was driving home from work later that evening. The air conditioning and the radio blaring into the sweltering July heat I suddenly started laughing hysterically and banging on the steering wheel. A driver in the car next to me gave me a concerned look, which only made me laugh harder. Done. Finished. This horrible awful test that I had been dreading since I first accepted the idea of going into medicine almost two years ago was complete and I would never have to worry about it again.

Just as quickly as the excitement hit, it’s also starting to wear off. I wasn’t really doing much as I waited for my MCAT score other than worry, so now that it’s over there hasn’t been much change in my daily schedule. The next hurdle, secondary applications, are already piling up and I’ve just lost my absolute last excuse to ignore them….