At the end of our last lab, my partner and I said our goodbyes to the TA over the shoulder of the stock room manager and shuffled our way out into the hallway. As we stepped out into the hot concrete of the patio I threw my arms wide and shouted, “We never have to enter that lab again!” to the few straggling students still milling about on a Friday afternoon. No one gave me so much as a glance.

And with that, my postbac career is over. I have two lab reports to bang out over the weekend, but classes are done and I have officially completed the prerequisites for medical school.

Of course the end was a bit anticlimactic. My primary application has been in for weeks and the “starred” section of my email inbox is filling with offers to fill out secondaries. MCAT scores are due to come out in three weeks, and tomorrow I start packing up my belongings to move across town.

And through both of these two weeks of our final lab I have been grading and running review sessions for the new generation of postbacs who started in early June. They’re struggling with the same complexities of stoichiometry and electron configurations that confounded me a year ago. There is nowhere that I am more aware of how far I’ve come than standing in front of the review session, covered in chalk dust trying to remember the same rules for Lewis structures that sent me into a panic last summer.

In the midst of all of that the blog took an impromptu hiatus. I’m back now and ready to document the next step of the journey; the infamous glide year. Last year was all about getting my foot in the door, this year I have to talk my way inside.

For those of you who followed my journey for the past year (or some fraction thereof) I hope you have enjoyed the ride. The next chapter should hold its own ups and downs, and I hope you will join me as a newly minted medical school applicant.