Wake up. Realize it’s seven am. Go back to sleep

Wake up again. Read for twenty minutes because, oh right, you have time to read again.

Check email. Hope that someone has emailed with news of the perfect job. Find this is not so. Go back to sleep.

Get up. Make bacon and eggs for breakfast because, oh right, you have time to cook breakfast these days.

Check email in hopes that someone was just about to email you and ask you to come in for a job interview when you checked the last time. Again find this is not so. Frantically start searching job posting to see if there is anything new you qualify for.

Reread cover letter drafts and realize that all of the jobs you applied for yesterday had typos in the cover letters. Wallow in embarrassment. Fix typos. Apply to any and all jobs that might fall within your qualifications. Exaggerate slightly about research experience.

Watch TV.

Work on AMCAS application.

Work on AMCAS application while watching TV.

Complain to roommates how much you hate working on AMCAS application.

Switch to MCAT review.

Realize that you’ve forgotten everything you learned in Chemistry over the summer. Panic.

Check email in hopes that no one actually reads cover letters closely enough to notice your typos and someone has just now decided that you are the perfect candidate for that research position that sounded so awesome yesterday. Find that this is not so.

Give up. Pour a glass of wine and start making dinner because, oh right, you have time to cook again.

Waste time on the internet. Realize it’s nearly midnight. Worry about how tired you will be tomorrow. Realize that you’re done with the postbac program and that your bedtime doesn’t matter. Holy shit you made it.