A year ago I was a few days past my interview with the postbac program I eventually decided to attend. I was working two jobs; one as a massage therapist in a wellness center, the other teaching anatomy and physiology at a massage school. I had been volunteering at a trauma center for about three weeks and was nervously eager to continue. I was half excited, half skeptical about my future and what the upcoming year would bring.

A year from now I will have finished the postbac program, taken the MCAT, completed two rounds of medical school applications and likely many interviews. I may have been accepted to a few places. I may even know where I’m going to be next year. I will have a glide year job or two that I will be expecting to leave come fall.

Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to limit my sights to the end of the postbac year. Most of my resolutions beyond that would be a foregone conclusion; get into med school, don’t screw up the MCAT etc. Right now my mind is still trying to wrap itself around part three of medical boot camp; so I’m keeping my resolutions small and short sighted. Incidentally, a disproportionate amount seem to involve food.

The Resolutions

  1. Stop complaining so much about physics
  2. Cook something each weekend that can be consumed throughout the next week
  3. Update the blog at least once a week.
  4. Find the perfect portable sandwich to bring to school. Or better yet, discover a few different options so I don’t end up completely sick of it by week three.
  5. Stop complaining so much about physics.

I anticipate having the most problems with resolutions one and five. I trust you, my beloved readers, to keep me on track if the ranting gets out of control.

Here’s to a happy  and healthy (but not too healthy) New Year to everyone!