In case you haven’t noticed, I complain about physics a lot. I passionately dislike just about everything associated with the subject, with the minor exception of what it actually tells us about how the universe works. That’s right, I admit it, the actual lessons of physics are pretty neat. It’s mathematical philosophy. And even if a lot of it is made up for convenience, it’s pretty neat that I can figure out how fast an object from space will be going if it were to crash into the surface of the planet.

So it is with surprisingly little irony that I am posting a physics article about collisions the day the terrifying exam that has been haunting my dreams for the past two weeks. Don’t ask me to explain how this works; it’s leagues ahead of the stuff I’m trying to wrap my mind around, but the Large Hadron Collider (that thing that could possibly create a black hole and swallow up the earth but probably won’t) has simulated the big bang.

Even I have to admit that’s pretty good reason to study this stuff.