The day after the two exam double header (physics and bio) will henceforth be known as Oh Yeah, Life Day. The day in which all of those vital little maintenance chores that I’ve been putting off all week in favor of studying, cluster together into a single day at which point they can no longer be ignored. Yesterday I restocked an empty refrigerator and pantry and washed pretty much every item of clothing and flatware that I own. Everything is reset and prepared to decimated in the coming week as the normal academic schedule resumes.

Sadly, there is not much to write about other than the all-consuming exams. I’m still trying to hammer out a volunteering gig, and I haven’t pursued any shadowing since my stint in the Neurology department ended. Aside from a brief but much needed trip to my parents’ over fall break, my life has become a great big neon sign that says EXAMS. I’ve become the least interesting conversationalist known to mankind.

It’s reaching the point where my own internal monologue is frighteningly scientific. Driving on wet roads I think about static friction coefficients and centripetal forces. I mentally imagine the chemical makeup of the plastic bags from the grocery store. I’m out nerding myself, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

I’m contemplating tackling fiction again; nothing serious, maybe just picking up the pieces of a few stories I left behind when I started focusing on medicine. I’m not sure if I’ve waited the requisite amount of time post-writer’s block to feel ready to take another crack at it or if the recent flood of science classes has left my creative side hungry. I’m thinking I’ll make an effort to defy as many laws of physics as possible in whatever I write next; air resistance will overcome gravity and frictional forces will cause objects to move the opposite direction of where they’re pushed. It will be glorious, ridiculous chaos.