Did you know that if you massage a person’s phantom limb, they can actually experience relief?

This is something that was mentioned to me while I was in massage school and I’d repeated a few times since then. I didn’t know of any scientific basis for this fact, I just thought it was interesting and hadn’t heard anyone refute it.

Apparently not only is it a real, scientific phenomenon, but the reason behind it has to do with these nifty things in our brains called mirror neurons that were probably responsible for a lot of our evolutionary learning.

VS Ramachandran is without a doubt my favorite TED speaker thus far. This talk manages to link neuroscience to religion, massage, evolution and the humanities all in less than eight minutes. If you enjoyed it, I highly recommend his 2007 talk where you can learn about three really bizarre neurological disorders that have helped give us insight into how the brain functions.

(PS. I’m working on a real blog update, I promise. For some reason I’m only motivated to write when I have exams to study for…imagine that.)