Today I went out and bought a book.

I realize that this isn’t normally blog-worthy news, but to me this book, as well as the journey to purchase it, was my way of marking the end of chemistry and summer classes and the start of a well-deserved two week break.

Our final exam for general chemistry was last Friday. Grades were sent out today around three. I spent most of the intervening time checking my email like a junkie. Once I had my grade in hand, it was time to start on the million-and-one things-I-would-get-to-when-I-had-the-time.

Apparently the most pressing thing on the list was to get myself to Barnes and Nobles.

I have no self-control when it comes to book stores. The minute I walk in I want to buy the place. Everything looks good; the cheap shiny pulp novels, the somber looking classical works, even the cook books and travel guides. Never mind that I probably don’t even have time to finish the two books I was in search of, I just want to start in one corner of the store and work my way through until all the stories contained within the four walls are crammed into my brain. Today I felt like a starving person at a feast; so many delicious books to consume and only two weeks and twenty dollars to spend!

So if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go delve into some fantastic writing and ignore that list of things I should be accomplishing now that I’m free from schoolwork for a bit. Cheers!