I have two articles for you today. From the science fiction corner, the first step toward electronic DNA sequencing. I don’t know that I really understand what these scientists are doing, but I find the prospect of cheaper, faster gene sequencing both really cool and a bit chilling. Anyone remember the movie Gattaca?

And on the fluffier end of science, having your heart broken is a bit like going through drug withdrawal. Again we see the theme of neurological processes explaining psychological phenomenon; in this case, how normal rational people turn into crazy folks over love.

(As a side note: I don’t have a very rigorous screening process for the articles I choose to post; if it catches my fancy and isn’t coming from a source I know to publish incorrect information, I’ll link to it. Enjoy these articles with the same prejudice you might anything you find on the internet, and if you do stumble across contrary information feel share that as well.)