Today was our last exam before the final! My brain is utterly mush right now and if anyone even thinks about delocalized pi bonds in my direction I may explode.

So instead let’s have a look at an article about a study (I couldn’t link to the actual study because it’s one of those subscription things) on cerebral malaria and a possible link to PTSD-like symptoms . Back in my undergraduate days studying psychology, PTSD (aka Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) was a particular interest of mine, which is why this caught my attention. This piece is looking at a possible correlation between Vietnam vets who were infected by malaria during their service and those who have suffered from psychological and neurological symptoms since that time. It may turn out that some cases previously thought to be PTSD are actually long-term symptoms related to swelling of the brain (encephalitis) from the malaria pathogen.

It doesn’t seem like anything conclusive yet, but it might bring hope of new treatments for some of these veterans.