I’ve never been the work hard, play hard type. I’ve got the first part of the equation down, but when all that hard work is over I pretty much shut down. I am a certified expert at wasting large blocks of time. Give me the internet and a comfy chair and I can be effectively dead to the world for five hours out of the day. Granted this isn’t my preferred state of being (actually I really hate it), it just seems to be my default. Inertia: if I keep moving I’m fine, but once I have down time, I stay down.

That’s actually a large part of how I decided I could handle the workload necessary to become a doctor. Sure I would be working day in and day out, but that would just keep me moving and as far away from my room and my computer as possible. School and work could fill all the empty hours of the day, and the leftover time would be enough to continue to meet my small social quota.

Which is why I’m really confused right now as to how much fun I’ve been having since I started the postbac program. Maybe it’s just that the concept of “weekends” is something that hasn’t existed me since my junior year of college, or that my momentum from studying all week is carrying over into my free time. More likely it’s the people I’m surrounded by, who all seem to fit that work hard, play hard stereotype to a T.

Regardless of the reason, I am having a lot of fun. Sake bombs Friday night, tubing yesterday. Exhaustion and sunburns have forced me to decline invitations to a party last night and polo match today. It’s ridiculous! I didn’t have weekends this full when I had twice as much free time!

I’m pretty sure this won’t last. School is going to get harder; volunteer work and shadowing are going to steal weekends, and when winter hits my energy will inevitably crash. But for now, I feel awake and engaged in my life in a way that I haven’t for some time.